Masonry Masters!


There’s no escaping it – things erode, weather takes its toll, and stuff needs fixing. Such was the case at the home of Henry Dixon and his family. After living at their lovely home for 20 years, certain areas began to show their age and required some sprucing up – especially, the pretty flagstone along their driveway, as well as the cobblestones of their backyard terrace. Natural elements, pressure washing, everyday foot and vehicle traffic did their share of wear and tear. The stones were beginning to betray their years and the mortar was crumbling, falling out, and compelling some loving attention. After researching local handyman service specializing in masonry work, Mr. Dixon decided 2HIRE.US was definitely the way to go!


One of our masonry experts, Dwayne Olsen, was more than up to the task regarding the cobblestones in the back of the house. Although a daunting project, he knew exactly what to do and how to go about it. Since the sand in the back had been rinsed out via rainwater drainage, Dwayne knew to raise the underlying ground an invigorating 3 inches: adding more sand and tamping it down with a rubber mallet. This he did while making sure to maintain the slope, drawing and draining away that troublesome, problematic rainwater in the process. After he completed work on the cobblestone, he resecured the flagstone steps connecting the cobblestones surrounding the pool to the rest of the backyard.

Rising to the challenge of deteriorating concrete and mortar amidst the flagstones, 2HIRE.US’ Chris Wingard removed the mortar from between them and refilled the gaps with new mortar. He then gently cleaned the stones of any excess mortar on their surface with muriatic acid.

Following this exceptional project, Mr. Dickson has requested we continue to work on his home, and has insisted we complete projects at his vacation home as well! We are more than thrilled to do so, and look forward to working as hard as we possibly can toward his satisfaction in the future! (The near  future!)

 As always, thanks so much for reading and we hope you’ll continue to follow our blog as we tell you about what we’re excited and love to do!

Let’s Make Your Home Your Own With New Paint!

It’s interesting how people adjust to their new homes. Some people find the need to gut rooms, others the impulse to rework some landscaping. The point is to make it yours.

And that’s exactly what Mr. Vijay Battipati decided to do! In his case, it was a new, more aesthetically pleasing color palette and some repairs for the walls of his new home. The crown molding appeared to be okay – but the color and number of nail-holes in them were not. After spending a significant time online researching various handyman companies skilled in painting and other home repair services, he approached 2HIRE.US because he decided we are the most fiscally sound and best choice available.

Mr. Battipati was very pleased with the work we accomplished! After checking out the sheetrock and color of the walls as they stood, 2HIRE.US set to work like a boss, sanding down impurities and repairing the damage with painstaking care before expertly applying each coat. It took at least two weeks to make sure every aspect of this job was in tip-top shape, and the results were absolutely lovely. All in all, 2HIRE.US painted twenty-one rooms in Mr. Battipatti’s home. We painted both large rooms and small, including the bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, dining room and area, the two-car garage and all the trim and doors. Mr. Battipati loves the new look and feel we gave to his home, and very much appreciated our warm, professional service. We’re looking forward to helping him on his future handyman and home repair projects!

Thanks so much for stopping by, go ahead and take a look below to see how Vijay’s home turned out! Please continue to follow this blog to hear about our awesome people and exciting new projects!

Keith Kelchner, Founder and CEO

I’ve mentioned Keith Kelchner a few times before on this blog, namely about how he moved to Atlanta in the ’90’s where he pointedly gave jobs to people who really needed them, and when I covered his awesome pergola project. I wanted to know a few things more about Keith and the story behind 2HIRE.US, so I asked him a few questions about his life, his goals, and his work.

As a very intelligent, energetic and competitive individual (one blessed with a wonderful family, both in Georgia and New York, where he grew up), Keith is an extremely avid believer in a goal-driven life, and stresses that “life is real every day; live it, learn from it, and strive every day to be the best you can be.” He takes his advice very seriously, dedicating ten-plus years to personal development and a Conant Nightingale membership, which he thanks for truly changing his life. Obviously, Keith has a lot to be proud of: his family, of course, the fact that he served his country, and that he created “a business that has offered meaningful work to hundreds and provides solutions to people [in need] of them, generating millions [of dollars] for the economy.”

When you decide to build a business out of scratch, it seems that there must be some driving force behind it. As Keith was a Soldier in the 101st Airborne around the time of the Vietnam War, I knew he must have some such special interest or drive (…and a steel backbone, really). All this, including a dose of healthy pragmatism, plays a huge role in Keith’s professional life. It wasn’t until he attended a real estate seminar back in the ’70’s, looking to branch out and explore new opportunities, that he became convinced of the need to invest in that branch of business. The decision to buy some houses then eventually lead to the inception of highly mobile, professional and state-of-the-art 2HIRE.US, despite some changes in the government (all of which negatively influenced construction and real estate). No matter: you know how they say, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? Keith Kelchner takes that to heart, and even though he’s encountered tribulations like crazy, surviving and learning thusly has “fashioned a lifetime [of success].”

Don’t think he’s done, either: Keith has many, many more goals set to compound his already considerable successes, both short- and long-term. In the next year, for example, Keith confidently expects to triple 2HIRE.US from the already considerable thousand(s)of people we serve a year – and to create a platform for it to grow in the years ahead! With his intently honed work-ethic and keen sense of business practicality – and a lovingly supportive family behind him – there’s no question that we’ll all continue to see big things from Keith Kelchner and 2HIRE.US. With a must-do attitude and the rock-solid belief that hard work really does pay off, what else could be expected?

Thanks for reading! Please continue to follow our blog here at 2HIRE.US and learn all about our special people and awesome projects!

Cedar Siding Solutions!

Cedar siding is a popular choice, used often in contemporary home design for its rustic, woodsy charm. And while naturally extant compounds work to deter hungry bugs and resist all that fungi eager to let rot get in its mushy foothold, that handsome, bucolic façade still needs a little TLC every few years or so.

This was the case with 2HIRE.US friend and investor Murray Kurtzburg’s home just recently when he and his wife noticed some trouble with a few boards of their western red cedar siding. Having lived in the house for twenty-three years, much as they appreciate the cedar siding benefits and attractive look, the need for a touch-up every five or six years (especially on the back of the house, which receives the most direct sunlight) is a recognized and expected occurrence. This time it wasn’t the sun but the rain spelling bad news. With no roof overhang working to redirect it, rainwater had cascaded down and off each board onto the middle of the next, inevitably damaging the wood and reducing it to a relatively soft, crumbling mess. The weaker knots in the wood decayed more quickly, falling out and leaving a pitted flaw in their place – a not-so-complimentary complement to the additional gouges left by a busy and inconsiderate neighborhood woodpecker.

To see exactly what needed to be done, Brittany Kelchner and Chris Wingard headed out to Mr. Kurtzburg’s home. Following a revealing bout of pressure washing, a service we offer at 2HIRE.US, they were able to discern there was no call for a complete overhaul, which would involve the entire side of the house being redone. This meant their two-man crew was more than perfect for this “patchwork” project. Taking the team an expedient yet painstakingly thorough two and a half days, they searched out and removed all signs of rot, repaired and sealed every bit of damage – making sure to reassess before, during, and after the project was complete.

Albeit pleasantly charming to the eye and naturally embedded with beneficial qualities (like that famished bug dissuasion I mentioned before and superb thermal insulation being another), beveled red western cedar siding comes with some complicating factors, despite being popular and widely appreciated. Not only can resilience be limited in the face of elemental forces, but it is also more difficult in use than hardened plank; whatever the case, cedar was required to maintain the same texture along the home’s exterior.

Well, as they often do, a few more problems came up. Unfortunately, whoever had originally put up the siding made a few missteps, entailing a little extra attention. After meticulously approaching and executing installation Chris noticed something utterly lame: he was able to pull boards he’d just installed straight off! The other guys had messed up and there was literally nothing there for the nails to grip! Not to worry: Diligence, a patient mind, and a few extra nails helped wrap this up expertly.  Completing the new siding was an undertaking, for sure. The cedar board had to be slid up beneath the one above it, thus preventing water seepage and worse, making sure to keep the roughened side facing outward while maintaining the other segment in place, a handsome puzzle. As we do, the crew was able to finish up each task skillfully, ending with a neat and fine paint job.

Now, every project varies from one detail to the next, with differing requirements of labor, time spent, cost and materials necessitated. For Murray Kurtzburg’s home, this entailed the purchasing of red western cedar siding from Home Depot, priced around $100 each for a total of six beveled 11/16” by 8” by 144” (or 12’) boards.  This cost a little more than $600 in all. We also were happy to provide clean-up and garbage removal, a service which includes piling up and hauling off oddments large and small from the worksite, and starts at $200 for most projects.

Part of what I’ve elected to do when I write these posts is ask whether the people we’re working for are happy – not just satisfied – with our work. Mr. Keith Kelchner, Founder and CEO of 2HIRE.US, and Brittany Kelchner, his daughter and second-in-command around here, didn’t ask me to do this, though they obviously hold customer satisfaction in the highest esteem. If they didn’t, we’d hardly be so insistent on guaranteeing our work! That said, I ask the question of the people who’ve hired us and let us into their homes because I care, too. I’ve got to mention, when I asked Murray if he was pleased with the work we did on his home I was just tickled to hear he couldn’t have asked for or found better. I really wanted to mention that to you.

Anyway, thanks again for reading this latest post – we really hope you’ll continue to enjoy our blog and follow along as we talk about who we are and what we’re proud to do here at 2HIRE.US. See you soon!

During and After Photos:


Matt Abbott, Quality Assurance Specialist

As the writer for the 2HIRE.US blog, I thought that in between writing about projects we’re working on, it would be a good idea – an interesting idea – to write about some of our own people. You know, as a way of letting everyone get a glance at who we are as well as what we do. That’s why I started interviewing and writing questions for us to answer in a kind of biography blog.

When I met Matt, he was wearing a tie-dyed shirt in a coffee house in Ellijay, up in the mountains of northern Georgia. Matt came to work here at 2HIRE.US a little while ago, after making friends with Brittany Kelchner at a similar establishment, a tiny local eatery. Brittany had been looking up places to go, things to do around her new homeplace; Matt, overhearing, ventured whether she was a tourist, pleased to offer advice. Considering his avid enthusiasm for the outdoors – swimming, hiking, you-name-it – he was a happy informant for the local spots.

Following an Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps with experience as an avionics technician, he moved to Ellijay to be with family; his mother had moved so in order to take care of her aging parents some years before.

When I asked Matt some simplistic and obvious questions (e.g. “in three words, how would you describe yourself”), his answers were surprising. Though a self-described “hippy,” Matt is looking to graduate from Dalton State College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, later to apply to graduate school. He wants to achieve a Master’s Degree in criminal justice.

His Communications degree serves him well, as he prides himself on his ability to manage conflict. Matt brings an exceptionally well-rounded aspect to our company, in that he, too, has construction experience. Having lived in several states and worked as a finish carpenter for over five years, he’s good at what he knows and what he does.

Upon inquiring about an estimate or hiring us for your construction project, you will be in touch with this amazing young man as he is pleased to work for 2HIRE.US.

Brittany Kelchner, Vice President

Here’s the thing: sometimes when you’re looking for a company to trust and work with, you want to know a little about its people too – and why not? It’s the people who make up a company, do the work and eventually deliver. That being said, let’s take a moment to meet some of our awesome people and you can see for yourself why we, as a whole, totally rock.

This is Brittany Kelchner. Most people know her as Keith’s daughter, and that she is. She’s also second-in-command, and, as she expresses, wears “many hats” when it comes to her work with 2HIRE.US. It’s a good thing she does – any company would be lucky to have an adept problem-solver who looks great in a toolbelt and has an affinity for mathematics…not to mention an adroit hand at out-of-the-box thinking!

As with anyone, there’s a lot more to Brittany than her intellect and her ability to navigate troublesome topics arising on the job – she’s an avid environmentalist and deeply spiritual person. When asked how many pets she has in her family, the usual answer of cats and dogs doesn’t entirely apply: yes, she has cats, Mister and Django, and a dog, Bonnie, but she also has something a bit less conventional to add to her list of non-human companions. Give or take, 1,000 snails: who “happily peruse the selection of leaves in her garden.” Her biggest challenge is how on earth she’s going to name them all. Hopefully, her Associates in Chemistry will come in handy with discovering some new mad scientist ways of telling them all apart!

Everyone has goals, and Brittany is no exception. Like many people, she wants to better herself in less conventional ways than some others. As an aspiring ecologist, naturally, Brittany wants to see our glorious national parks on a road trip – before the glaciers melt and the giant Sequoias are whittled into toothpicks. On a more immediate and personal note, she plans to finish her lovely garden (including erosion control rock walls) and even install a tiled meditation pad so she may continue her yoga exercises peacefully in the woods.

When her dad, Keith, needed help for data entry and a boost in the customer service area 11 years ago, Brittany Kelchner was happy and eager to step up. After writing the customer service policy, she took on other projects within the company, from working on estimates to marketing to simply helping the company show appreciation for our customers.

Angie, The Blog Writer

My name is Angelina Antonelli-Bell. Mostly I go by Angie. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and have always enjoyed literature and writing, as well as outdoor activities such as swimming and hiking. After serving in the United States Army as a Combat Medic and receiving an Honorable Discharge, I moved to Ellijay in the North Georgia mountains where I met Brittany Kelchner.

Brittany and I made fast friends when we met at a field trip our daughters, then five years old, took with their pre-Kindergarten class to a local family farm. Conversation between us immediately turned to books. As we weren’t at University or a hipster coffee house, the more tangible and obvious titles were ones that our children (and we, of course) enjoyed: “Fortunately, The Milk” by Neil Gaiman, “No Carrots for Harry!” by Jean Langerman, and numerous examples of “The Berenstain Bears,” by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Talk of books forged a good rapport between us, quickly founding a great friendship.

When she later asked me if I’d be interested in writing for the company’s blog, Brittany told me some deeply interesting and heartfelt details about her dad. When Brittany was three years old and the family was living in a part of Atlanta only beginning to see gentrification, Keith was hiring people bereft and homeless. He gave them a place to stay and a place to work.  He wanted to give them a chance to turn their life around.

That matters.

So you can see why I was touched to be asked to join such a business as 2HIRE.US, one which upholds morals and values family. I’m really happy to work for, and with, such quality people. I hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy this blog as I talk about who we are and what we’re proud to do.

Pergolas: Add Charm and Elegance to Your Outdoor Space


With so many benefits to a pleasant outdoor space of your own, a pergola is a wonderful and economic structure to introduce into and expand your living space. As a lovely centerpiece or an eye-catching addition to your yard, it lends the perfect backdrop while entertaining friends and family: everything from a charming casual backyard barbeque to an elegant summer evening of dinner and drinks al fresco. Not to mention, of course, providing an entrancing refuge for the simple, quiet joy of some well-deserved me-time. Especially now, with spring just a flowery breath away and summer dancing so close behind. Not to forget, there’s autumn’s spectacularly colorful array to enjoy later in the year! A pergola is a cost-effective, time-friendly and fantastic way to supplement the welcoming ambience of a peaceful and beautiful outdoor retreat just beyond your door.

Keith Kelchner, founder and CEO of 2HIRE.US, and his wife, Kat, decided to build a pergola after moving to their new home. Having enjoyed one at their previous residence, it was a simple choice to build another and continue all the outdoor fun! After a little bit of online research, they landed on a design they loved and happily went ahead with the project. Taking only two and a half days, with one crew consisting of two crew-members, it cost a comfortable $3,900 for the actual structure (which included labor and materials). After additional landscaping and décor, they’re positively thrilled with the results. However, it is important to keep in mind that the cost of building a pergola is influenced by many different variables, all of which can cause the final price to fluctuate. 

So, what were some of the considerations Keith and Kat weighed as they moved forward, and what factors contributed to their decisions? Let’s break down everything from prepping the area to what kind of upkeep you can expect with this beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Choosing Design and Materials

One of the wonderful aspects of pergolas is the abundant variations in design; a simple online peek at Google or Pinterest offers plenty of options to consider, and, of course, the 2HIRE.US team is here to help narrow it down and find the ideal choice for your home. While Keith and his wife chose to fill the dimensions of their 12’ by 16’ deck (conveniently making their pergola a freestanding structure, requiring nothing more than additional footers under the existing deck and then confirming it was level), 2HIRE.US has had excellent success with pergolas reaching as high as two stories!


Not only are there plenty of design options to consider, this project can utilize a wonderfully flexible array of materials, from aluminum or steel to pressure treated lumber and more! The Kelchner family, loving the pleasant sophistication of natural wood and its color, chose to use pressure treated lumber and clear corrugated polycarbonate plastic roofing panels to let in the natural light. In fact, once completed, pergolas require upkeep so simple and easy it hardly qualifies as mentionable. Occasionally blow an errant leaf or two off the roof, apply a coat of stain in the color of your preference (or clear sealant) and think no more of it!

Landscaping and Decor








When building a pergola, landscaping is a great option for enhancing charm and lending an elegance to the ambience, just as the décor you choose can tie the entire outdoor space together. Keith and Kat had already planned on redesigning the area prior to construction. Having only to clear small vines and saplings in preparation, they decided to include a walkway across the backyard, adding a beautiful and agreeable aesthetic to the façade. This was also a practical measure, allowing rainwater to drain between the stones without a muddy yard to step in.



Post-construction, finding the right décor for your space is the finishing touch. There are myriad options for every taste preference, making it fun and easy to create an enchanting, unique space with your pergola as the lovely centerpiece. Keith and his wife chose to hang outdoor string lights in the trees for a delightful nighttime effect. This complements the smaller, clear mini-lights that they wrapped in silk grapevines and easily tacked to wooden boards that attach around the perimeter of the pergola. With roll-down screens as a pleasant way to shade those hot afternoons in the Georgia sun, the finished product was exactly what the doctor prescribed for a relaxing evening of grilling out with friends and loved ones.         

All in all, Keith and Kat Kelchner’s pergola project was both time- and cost-efficient, providing their home additional charm and a space they can enjoy for years to come. It is the perfect backdrop for everything from backyard barbeques to a relaxing early morning cup of coffee. Here at 2HIRE.US, our expert and professional crews use quality materials and bring years of experience to every project! Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we will strive to honor what you envision for your space. Please continue to follow our blog and explore our website to find additional pictures and videos, testimonials, pricing, discounts, and the many skills we are very pleased to offer; thank you! You can also download our electronic business card to access everything from one convenient place on your smartphone by texting 2HIRE to 36260.