Summer Fire-Pit Project Ideas To Do Before Fall.


‘Tis the season for outdoor gatherings, relaxation, and projects. July marks the beginning of the final months of warm weather, and (for some), time to make a dent in the “Summer DIY To-Do List”. With Fall around the corner, here are some outdoor fire-pit ideas for the changing seasons:

  • Overview: 
    • This project is simple, adaptable, and very affordable.
    • Material Costs Range: $75-$150.
      • Using pavers, retention blocks, and outdoor grout.
      • With optional addition of metal fire pit bowl (to be enclosed by stones).
    • Cost Comparison for stone fire pit-
      • Store-bought: $400-$600 :::: $250-$500 = $$$ Saved.

Tutorials & Design Ideas: 

  • Traditional/Quick & Simple: 



How To Nest For Less Tutorial

  • Mosaics: 



3 Peppers Tutorial

  • Classic Stone with Grill



Red Head Can Decorate Tutorial

  • Modern-Touch: 



Man-Made Tutorial

  • Frugal-Craft: Kid’s swimming pool casted in cement! 



Plow Your Own Furrow Tutorial


Enjoy, and Happy Summer!