Fall Maintenance Checklist- Exterior Seasonal List You Should Be Checking.


Cool, Fall weather is a tranquil relief after blazing summer months, but will your home be ready for winter?

Here is your go-to home-improvement checklist for Fall:

  • Gutters & Downspouts: Clean debris, asses repairs as needed.
    • Gutter-Guards are specialty gutters which provide a low-maintenance option for gutter up-keep. Here is a guide for weighing pro’s & con’s, along with various types of specialty gutters.
  • Check Wood: Asses siding, porches/decks, and trim, for rot, mold, and damages. You may choose to DIY small repairs, or hire a professional.
  • Check for cracks in foundation, driveways, and walkways—winter ice can make these worse.
  • Eliminate rodents and pests. They will refuge for warmth in your home during cold temperatures.
  • Clean & cover air conditioning unit.
  • Check heater, fireplace, and chimney.
  • Caulk/weatherstrip windows and doors, if need.