8 Essential Power Tools for the D-I-Y-ER

Expand your D-I-Y horizons and produce professional results with these essential power tools.

A variety of saws will pay for themselves when cutting and shaping wood:

#1)┬áCircular Saw: For basic wood cutting and large pieces, a circular saw will ensure a professional finish– a must-have.

#2) Miter Saw: Practical for angled and detailed cutting, this saw goes beyond the basics. Use for crown molding, door frames, window casings, and more.

#3) Jigsaw: Add intricacy and design to projects with a jigsaw. This saw focuses on the details, and provides ability to control fine work.

#4) Power Drill/Driver: From hanging shelves and fixtures, to building and assembling furniture, a proper power drill/driver will save both time and effort in every D-I-Y endeavor.

#5) Air Compressor & Nail Gun: Another great save on time and effort. Provides a professional, consistent result.

#6) Rotary Orbital Sander: This sander covers a variety of uses, and is an ideal first-purchase before buying other types of sanders. With the right settings, can provide a thorough sanding job, and be used in place of a finishing sander.

#7) Dremel Multi-Max: This, and other multi-tools provide a variety of features. With interchangeable parts, this tool is ideal for sanding, cutting, scraping, grinding, and more.

#8) Paint Sprayer: This one saves time, and provides an even coat for a professional finish.