Selling Your Home: A Guide To Repairs & Aesthetics.

Selling your home can appear to be a challenging process to navigate. Value-increasing repairs and curb-appeal are often lost in the shuffle, or neglected. When your home is on the market, consider these details to ensure the highest sell-value.

Buyers in your market will evaluate your home from various perspectives of needs, wants, desires, and concerns. After your home’s initial appraisal, determine the demographics of your market to gauge which investments produce highest value.

Home investments, like repairs and maintenance, fall on a gradient spectrum:


Significant: Refers to necessary repairs or maintenance that must be done for the home to sell. For example, a leaking roof, structural abnormalities, or rotting wood each require replacement or repair.

Check-list for significant repairs:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Wood rot
  • Structural deficiencies
  • Pronounced masonry damages
  • Fire Safety Updates
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Rodent/insect infestations.

Standard: These include touch-up painting, deck staining, bathroom caulking, etc. If obvious, these concerns are typically addressed by the buyer. Investing in these improvements will ensure an aesthetically appealing home, alleviated buyer-concerns, and highest sell value.

Check-List for Standard Repairs:

  • Exterior:
    • Siding: painting & touch-ups
    • Woodwork: touch-up staining or painting.
      • Wood repairs or replacement.
    • Screen porch repair/secure.
    • Fencing repairs or touch-ups.
    • Gutter & downspout cleaning & repairs.
  • Around-the-house basics:
    • Window & door repairs or touch-ups.
    • Walls: drywall & molding repairs, touch-up painting.
    • Floors: carpet/hardwood repairs, replacing or polishing.
    • Electrical: light fixtures and switches.
    • Appliance repairs.

Selling-points: This characterizes curb-appeal and other improvements that put the finishing touch on your home. These can include landscaping, new appliances, and added square footage; or, the simplicity of pressure washing walkways, professional cleaning, spacious shelving, or neutral painting.

Selling points and updates are dependent on your market, and should be weighted against the current and predicted value of the home after investments. Here are some simple, budget-friendly, and effective updates:

  • Yard: Tidy your yard, and invest in some general landscaping. Either do this yourself, or hire a professional. No need for a fancy design, just clear, tidy, and section to create a spacious yard.
  • Cleaning: Do this yourself, or hire a service to deep-clean the home. Or, offer this as a free add-on for the purchaser.
  • Make space: Invest in space-saving storage solutions, move or remove furniture, clear cabinets, and make the home appear as spacious as possible.
  • Paint neutral: Painting each room a light, neutral color opens the space and depersonalizes the room to allow the buyer to imagine potential.


Sum-it-up:  Consider your market and budget, and follow this check-list to optimize your highest sell-value. Check out our blogs about “Creating a spacious look when selling your home”, and “increasing curb appeal” for more information on affordable, simple ways to update your home.