Summer Days for the Kids: D-I-Y Treehouse Ideas

My mind nostalgically remembers Summer days spent in the neighborhood treehouse: the perfect place for time with friends, siblings, and parents on hot days, and cool nights. However, there was only one neighborhood treehouse. It belonged to a friend with family carpentry skills; and, a father who spent many hours perfecting this triumph.

Here’s the good news: building a treehouse, or playhouse, can be easy, affordable, and adaptable to any age. Here are a few designs with kids (and safety) in mind:

Small & Simple:

madewithHAPPY-treehouse (1)


This stunning platform treehouse is perfect for toddlers and young children. With an open design, it is a customizable option to adapt to needs and budget.

This photo and design is from Alli with Check out her blog and instructions for this project.

Playground in the Trees: 


This open-air, multi-level design incorporates playground elements for the ultimate Summer hangout spot. Instructions. 

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Katie from WellnessMama brings us this unique design, which combines fun and activity. Her article addresses affordability, safety, and instructions.

Never doubt the power of playtime to cultivate the minds of children, and who doesn’t love a rock wall?


The “Tree Pod” 


Part hang-out hub, part conversation piece, this innovative design is sure to impress and delight. Though this design requires more steps, this floating treehouse can be achieved at any skill level with DIYNetwork’s simple instructions and material lists. Instructions.

Tree Fort: 


This enclosed, home-like design will inspire imagination. Is it a top secret fort? A home away from home? An artist studio? The possibilities are endless. Here’s how from the DIY Network: Instructions.


Arrrrgg, Welcome Aboard the PirateTreehouse: 



This pirate-themed design will rock the seas of exploration. It is simple enough to build for most skill levels, and can be adapted to any theme. Instructables outlines the materials and instructions.

Simple & Meaningful:



Apartment Therapy brings us this simple, easy, and affordable design to make any summer day relaxing. Instructions. 


Hobbit Holes: 



Prefer to stay on the ground? Hobbit-hole playhouses are also simple to build, and will provide the perfect, cozy hangout for all of the neighborhood hobbits! has these instructions, and other designs here.


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