DIY American Flag: Bold Decor for the 4th of July!

Wooden American flags are an elegant and versatile solution for patriotic decor this summer.


This bold idea can be made suitable for outdoor weather, from various materials, and in any size & design.

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Tools & Materials:

  • Wood: There are a few options for this, and feel free to be creative, but this tutorial will focus on
    • Wood Boards (dimsensions may be altered for desirable size).
    • Wood Surface: Plywood-type, one piece of wood.
    • Branches/twigs collected from the yard (great for kids, and free!).
  • Wood glue (doesn’t apply to ply-wood).
  • Sandpaper (in varying grits)
  • Paint brushes in various sizes (potentially a roller if working on a large surface).
  • Primer
  • Red, White, & Blue paint (can choose various shades to inspire a rustic, vibrant, or contemporary look, etc.)
  • Water-based polyurethane sealer.
  • Star stencils or stickers in a size appropriate for your flag.
  • Painters tape.


Step One:

  • Sand all wood to a smooth surface, and clean using a mild cleaner.
  • Let dry.
  • Prime wood using a light white, or off-white color.
    • This can be craft paint, or quality primer.. both will work fine.
  • (If you won’t be gluing wood together, move to step 3)

Step Two:

  • Gather your pieces of appropriately sized wood.
    • Dimensions for this can be altered. Standards for this are 4’x6′, 2’x3′, etc. Just ensure the height is shorter than the width, and the length can comfortably accommodate the blue corner square square at 1/3 of the length.
    • I did 3′ L x 2.5′ H.
  • Glue wood together in a striped/horizontal pattern.
    • If you are using fewer, thicker boards,larger boards will be taped into smaller sections for thinner stripes.
    • Allow for 12 stripes: 3 large boards= 4 stripes each, 6 boards=2 stripes each, etc.
    • The blue square should be 7 stripes high.

Step 3:

  • Use painters tape to section off the square, allowing for 7 stripes in height, and about 1/3 of the length.
  • Tape and paint blue. Let dry.
    • If using stickers, stick and paint blue over the top. Remove stickers once paint is completely dry to reveal white underneath.
    • If using stencils, paint blue, let completely dry. With a stencil, paint or spray paint white. Let dry.
    • Picture-13-e1367950582913
    • MG_2764
    • The three above photos are from this link via MyLovetoCreate. Click for another fence-flag tutorial and great photos.
  • Use tape to section red lines, your white lines will be the white paint revealed between the red lines.
  • Paint red, and let dry completely.
  • Apply a water-based polyurethane sealant.

Alternatively, create a chevron flag:


Using this tutorial from thevintagestorehouse.


Happy 4th of July!