We have provided a wide range of construction and handyman services to over 10,000 clients.

2HIRE’s Contractors typically show up ready, willing and able to perform a vast array of jobs for you that would have required a host of different specialists. Working from one of our offices with a truck full of tools or pulling one of our trailers they will have all the various tools at their finger tips necessary to meet your every need and save you both the time and money it would have taken to hire all those different contractors.

Keith Kelchner - CEO 2HIRE.US

Additional 2HIRE.US Benefits you'll appreciate...

  • Training: 2HIRE.US technicians are required to attend a minimum of 2 training seminars a month plus any special classes offered by our vendors.

  • Safety: 2HIRE.US technicians are required to attend weekly safety seminars.

  • Apprenticeship: 2HIRE.US technicians are required to apprentice successfully with proven crews already on the job.

  • Leadership: 2HIRE.US continually recruits & trains, looking for both handymen and artisans who can better serve our clients and grow our company.

  • Great Systems: 2HIRE.US has been diligent in seeking out systems that streamline and perfect our business such as TSheets, vTiger and SquareUp. Our efforts to create a single point of entry for new clients allows us to send the clients info directly to the technicians in the field over a Smart Phone or Mobile Device, invoice them, collect payments and synchronize directly into our bookkeeping and accounting. TSheets allows them to Clock in and Clock out recording their exact GPS. We know to the minute where they are.

  • Merchant Services: 2HIRE.US is a SquareUp Merchant Services member and has the ability to accept all major credits cards both from our web site and directly over the smart phones and mobile devices that each of the crews carry.

  • Commercial & Residential: 2HIRE.US does work for both commercial and residential clients.

  • SOP: 2HIRE.US Standard Operating Policy was custom designed to create a uniform product for our customers and quality controls to assure your satisfaction.

  • Insured: 2HIRE Is insured through our membership in The National Association of Handymen.