Brittany Kelchner, Vice President

Here’s the thing: sometimes when you’re looking for a company to trust and work with, you want to know a little about its people too – and why not? It’s the people who make up a company, do the work and eventually deliver. That being said, let’s take a moment to meet some of our awesome people and you can see for yourself why we, as a whole, totally rock.

This is Brittany Kelchner. Most people know her as Keith’s daughter, and that she is. She’s also second-in-command, and, as she expresses, wears “many hats” when it comes to her work with 2HIRE.US. It’s a good thing she does – any company would be lucky to have an adept problem-solver who looks great in a toolbelt and has an affinity for mathematics…not to mention an adroit hand at out-of-the-box thinking!

As with anyone, there’s a lot more to Brittany than her intellect and her ability to navigate troublesome topics arising on the job – she’s an avid environmentalist and deeply spiritual person. When asked how many pets she has in her family, the usual answer of cats and dogs doesn’t entirely apply: yes, she has cats, Mister and Django, and a dog, Bonnie, but she also has something a bit less conventional to add to her list of non-human companions. Give or take, 1,000 snails: who “happily peruse the selection of leaves in her garden.” Her biggest challenge is how on earth she’s going to name them all. Hopefully, her Associates in Chemistry will come in handy with discovering some new mad scientist ways of telling them all apart!

Everyone has goals, and Brittany is no exception. Like many people, she wants to better herself in less conventional ways than some others. As an aspiring ecologist, naturally, Brittany wants to see our glorious national parks on a road trip – before the glaciers melt and the giant Sequoias are whittled into toothpicks. On a more immediate and personal note, she plans to finish her lovely garden (including erosion control rock walls) and even install a tiled meditation pad so she may continue her yoga exercises peacefully in the woods.

When her dad, Keith, needed help for data entry and a boost in the customer service area 11 years ago, Brittany Kelchner was happy and eager to step up. After writing the customer service policy, she took on other projects within the company, from working on estimates to marketing to simply helping the company show appreciation for our customers.

Angie, The Blog Writer

My name is Angelina Antonelli-Bell. Mostly I go by Angie. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and have always enjoyed literature and writing, as well as outdoor activities such as swimming and hiking. After serving in the United States Army as a Combat Medic and receiving an Honorable Discharge, I moved to Ellijay in the North Georgia mountains where I met Brittany Kelchner.

Brittany and I made fast friends when we met at a field trip our daughters, then five years old, took with their pre-Kindergarten class to a local family farm. Conversation between us immediately turned to books. As we weren’t at University or a hipster coffee house, the more tangible and obvious titles were ones that our children (and we, of course) enjoyed: “Fortunately, The Milk” by Neil Gaiman, “No Carrots for Harry!” by Jean Langerman, and numerous examples of “The Berenstain Bears,” by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Talk of books forged a good rapport between us, quickly founding a great friendship.

When she later asked me if I’d be interested in writing for the company’s blog, Brittany told me some deeply interesting and heartfelt details about her dad. When Brittany was three years old and the family was living in a part of Atlanta only beginning to see gentrification, Keith was hiring people bereft and homeless. He gave them a place to stay and a place to work.  He wanted to give them a chance to turn their life around.

That matters.

So you can see why I was touched to be asked to join such a business as 2HIRE.US, one which upholds morals and values family. I’m really happy to work for, and with, such quality people. I hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy this blog as I talk about who we are and what we’re proud to do.