Matt Abbott, Quality Assurance Specialist

As the writer for the 2HIRE.US blog, I thought that in between writing about projects we’re working on, it would be a good idea – an interesting idea – to write about some of our own people. You know, as a way of letting everyone get a glance at who we are as well as what we do. That’s why I started interviewing and writing questions for us to answer in a kind of biography blog.

When I met Matt, he was wearing a tie-dyed shirt in a coffee house in Ellijay, up in the mountains of northern Georgia. Matt came to work here at 2HIRE.US a little while ago, after making friends with Brittany Kelchner at a similar establishment, a tiny local eatery. Brittany had been looking up places to go, things to do around her new homeplace; Matt, overhearing, ventured whether she was a tourist, pleased to offer advice. Considering his avid enthusiasm for the outdoors – swimming, hiking, you-name-it – he was a happy informant for the local spots.

Following an Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps with experience as an avionics technician, he moved to Ellijay to be with family; his mother had moved so in order to take care of her aging parents some years before.

When I asked Matt some simplistic and obvious questions (e.g. “in three words, how would you describe yourself”), his answers were surprising. Though a self-described “hippy,” Matt is looking to graduate from Dalton State College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, later to apply to graduate school. He wants to achieve a Master’s Degree in criminal justice.

His Communications degree serves him well, as he prides himself on his ability to manage conflict. Matt brings an exceptionally well-rounded aspect to our company, in that he, too, has construction experience. Having lived in several states and worked as a finish carpenter for over five years, he’s good at what he knows and what he does.

Upon inquiring about an estimate or hiring us for your construction project, you will be in touch with this amazing young man as he is pleased to work for 2HIRE.US.