Let’s Make Your Home Your Own With New Paint!

It’s interesting how people adjust to their new homes. Some people find the need to gut rooms, others the impulse to rework some landscaping. The point is to make it yours.

And that’s exactly what Mr. Vijay Battipati decided to do! In his case, it was a new, more aesthetically pleasing color palette and some repairs for the walls of his new home. The crown molding appeared to be okay – but the color and number of nail-holes in them were not. After spending a significant time online researching various handyman companies skilled in painting and other home repair services, he approached 2HIRE.US because he decided we are the most fiscally sound and best choice available.

Mr. Battipati was very pleased with the work we accomplished! After checking out the sheetrock and color of the walls as they stood, 2HIRE.US set to work like a boss, sanding down impurities and repairing the damage with painstaking care before expertly applying each coat. It took at least two weeks to make sure every aspect of this job was in tip-top shape, and the results were absolutely lovely. All in all, 2HIRE.US painted twenty-one rooms in Mr. Battipatti’s home. We painted both large rooms and small, including the bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, dining room and area, the two-car garage and all the trim and doors. Mr. Battipati loves the new look and feel we gave to his home, and very much appreciated our warm, professional service. We’re looking forward to helping him on his future handyman and home repair projects!

Thanks so much for stopping by, go ahead and take a look below to see how Vijay’s home turned out! Please continue to follow this blog to hear about our awesome people and exciting new projects!