Masonry Masters!


There’s no escaping it – things erode, weather takes its toll, and stuff needs fixing. Such was the case at the home of Henry Dixon and his family. After living at their lovely home for 20 years, certain areas began to show their age and required some sprucing up – especially, the pretty flagstone along their driveway, as well as the cobblestones of their backyard terrace. Natural elements, pressure washing, everyday foot and vehicle traffic did their share of wear and tear. The stones were beginning to betray their years and the mortar was crumbling, falling out, and compelling some loving attention. After researching local handyman service specializing in masonry work, Mr. Dixon decided 2HIRE.US was definitely the way to go!


One of our masonry experts, Dwayne Olsen, was more than up to the task regarding the cobblestones in the back of the house. Although a daunting project, he knew exactly what to do and how to go about it. Since the sand in the back had been rinsed out via rainwater drainage, Dwayne knew to raise the underlying ground an invigorating 3 inches: adding more sand and tamping it down with a rubber mallet. This he did while making sure to maintain the slope, drawing and draining away that troublesome, problematic rainwater in the process. After he completed work on the cobblestone, he resecured the flagstone steps connecting the cobblestones surrounding the pool to the rest of the backyard.

Rising to the challenge of deteriorating concrete and mortar amidst the flagstones, 2HIRE.US’ Chris Wingard removed the mortar from between them and refilled the gaps with new mortar. He then gently cleaned the stones of any excess mortar on their surface with muriatic acid.

Following this exceptional project, Mr. Dickson has requested we continue to work on his home, and has insisted we complete projects at his vacation home as well! We are more than thrilled to do so, and look forward to working as hard as we possibly can toward his satisfaction in the future! (The near  future!)

 As always, thanks so much for reading and we hope you’ll continue to follow our blog as we tell you about what we’re excited and love to do!